Jess and I have a previous testimonial, but we did not mention one important thing. Jess and I discussed our first song and we agreed that we liked “Got to be there” by Michael Jackson. Jess actually cried in the car when I played it for her when I suggested it. We did not see this song on the list, so we selected “I’ll be there” as our choice from the song list but said we’d prefer “Got to be there”. We didn’t confirm that the band would learn “Got to be there” for us, so we practiced our dance for “I’ll be there”. On our wedding day, we were pleasantly surprised when the band played “Got to be there” for our first dance. It made the night that much more special. Thank you, Nueva Vida, for picking up our first dance song and performing it just like the original recording.

Thank you so much for performing at our wedding last April! We are so happy with the way our reception turned out – you all definitely set the mood and got the dance floor going. We got so many compliments about the band, and we can’t thank you enough for making our wedding so magical! Mahalo again!

We had never heard them before we hired them for our anniversary party but they did not disappoint and they put on a great show. Neuva Vida played a mellow dinner music set, took a short break, then played a nearly two hour dance set. Very professional sound set up. Not too loud, no annoying speaker feedback, no equipment failures. Horn section added a rich dimension to the performance. The female and male vocalists were engaging and had very pleasant voices. I highly recommend Neuva Vida.

Thank you so much for the entertainment that was provided by Nueva Vida at our Kama’aina Christmas event last Saturday! Your group put forth such an amazing performance. Our guests could NOT stop dancing! The build up from cocktail hour to dancing was perfect and the songs were a hit. Take care and have a wonderful holiday season! Warmest mahalo!

Honolulu Museum of Art Annual Gala Kama’aina Christmas Event for 700 guests on December 8, 2018 OMG! You guys were the best!!!! You had the crowd dancing until the end!!! Thank you so much for an incredible Kama’aina Christmas. The guests loved the music!!! Nueva Vida rocks!!!!! So happy that it al worked out without the rain! 😍😍 so many people were asking me about the band! They loved you guys!!!! Nueva Vida is the talk of the town!!! We’ll be compiling all the fabulous feedback that the museum trustees, guests and supporters have been saying. So many have said the the band & music was over the top!!! You had everyone dancing ALL NIGHT! The vibe was electrifying & if we didn’t have the sound ordinance, we would have had you play all night!!! I have been told by many that this was the best and most fun Kama’aina Christmas ever!!! Some even said that having the band on the floor with the guests dancing & the brass on stage was perfect & engaging!!!! (As if we had planned it that way, but little did they know!). You and Nueva Vida never disappoint! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Nueva Vida was awesome at my daughter’s wedding and I got nothing but compliments from ALL my guests! It was so special for the band to play once again for a Baptiste wedding. The bride & groom were so happy!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍. A more formal thank you to follow! I am still coming down from a high wave & once settled shall send you a well deserved thank you note!!! So grateful for Nueva Vida helping make the wedding such a fun celebration!!! One of our friends even asked if the band would fly to SF for their daughter’s wedding May 2018!!!